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Working with images in today’s world implies having a global vision. The acceleration of computer tools has radically changed the production chain of images, which is no longer entrusted to an art director, then to a creative and finally to an executive, but to a single person. Furthermore, brands or institutions rely on the duration of messages, signs, codes, and modes, which are constantly changing.

Young professionals must show a quick intuition, an eclectic spirit, creativity, and be constantly open to initiatives.

In order to achieve this, students submit their work to a jury of teachers and professionals from the end of Year 3 onwards.

Your Art Director training

Once in the professional world, they must show an open creativity, take conceptual initiatives, adapt to all kinds of scenarios.

While imparting the required knowledge, the Académie Charpentier pays particular attention to helping students develop this mind-set and become actors in an ever-evolving world.

Students must now be trained not only to individual technologies, but also to every mode of expression, to the ability to design and travel from one area to another, to quick thinking and implementation, to intellectual mobility, to a broad culture and above all to the need for constant information.

Your Art Director title

Level 1 diploma in interior architecture and design, accredited by the French Ministry of Labour (Ministère du travail), certified by the French Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (National Directory of Professional Certifications: RNCP – Code NSF 233n).

The Académie is also recognised by the CFAI (Conseil Français des Architectes d’Intérieur), in charge of the promotion of the diplomas.

Your future profession, a field of possibilities

Versatility of skills and a constellation of applications characterise visual communication today.

Art director, graphic designer, illustrator, art buyer, advertiser, web designer are some of the professions that this trade offers, spanning fields as diverse as the press, publishing, audio-visual, and culture. The most important aspect is to analyse, understand and create; in other words to have a global vision.  Our pedagogy rests on the ability to cross boundaries and move from one concept to another.

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