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Year 1

Responsible and sustainable Interior Architecture and Design

Year 1 prepares students for their future orientation by teaching them the prerequisites in order to apply for Year 2 in our department of interior architecture and design at the Académie Charpentier.

Year 1 : Learning the fundamentals

One year to acquire a strong artistic culture

Year 1 spans over three main fundamentals :

  • The acquisition of a coherent and sensitive expression through drawing, colour, composition;
  • The development of a creativity fed by an art culture;
  • Specific disciplines of image and space.

Year 1 offers the opportunity to learn to look, to become familiar with materials and techniques so as to translate a personal vision and to prepare for the interior architecture / design department. This first year aims at developing an intellectual rigour and students’ culture, as much as giving them freedom and space to experiment. Students are introduced to the main currents of history of art, and discover different fields of creation through courses, visits and workshops. Projects are regularly conducted in partnership with cultural structures (Jeu de Paume et CPIF, MAC/VAL, Festival d’Automne, Rencontres chorégraphiques de Seine-Saint-Denis...).

At the end of the first year, the students have “unlearned” their automatic mechanisms of judgment to acquire a personal vision and a critical judgement, and have the theoretical and practical basis necessary for their engagement in higher education.

The instruction deployed allows them to acquire solid basics and working methods, from which they develop a personal production. Students are individually monitored in the development of their personal portfolio, following a defined work protocol.

Year 1 - Program

An average of 35 hours per week of workshop courses is provided throughout the year with our teachers, all experts in the subjects listed in our curriculums. In addition, several weeks of practical workshops are organised to enable students to implement their newly acquired skills within areas of contemporary creation.


Why join Year 1?

- It is the first of the Académie’s 5-year curriculums, leading to Year 2 in interior architecture / design.

- Year 1 prepares students whishing to take national art and architecture schools exams. 

- Year 1 initiates students into the disciplines  they will specialize in from Year 2 onwards in interior architecture and design: plane, elevation, section, perspective, geometry, model, light and color in space.


The diversity of profiles leads to productions of different natures and renderings: they reflect the students’ personal experiences and culture.


There are no prerequisites or profiles to enrol in year 1: we are interested in individuality and singularity. A personal practice is always a plus (sport, music…) and is likely to be re-exploited in the artistic field.

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